Our Female Singing Characters...

Singer in Tuxedo: Classic, Classy & Fun! Our stand-up comic dressed in glittery
tails, top hat, cummerbund and bow tie will add pizzazz to any occasion!

Gorilla with pink tutu: Beating her chest and jumping for joy. Grrrzelda will surely add life to your event. Dressed in a full gorilla costume, she will hunt down the recipient so she can deliver your special message.
French Maid: Fifi is dressed in a black danskin, black skirt with white, lace petticoat, black hose & heels. She speaks with a french accent and carries a pink feather duster. She does not cook, clean or do windows, but what she does do, she does very well...and that is sing, of course!

Playful Bunny: Our bunny has been hopping her little tail off looking for your recipient to deliver your special greeting! She is dresses in black spandex with hot pink dance brief, white bushy tail, pink satin ears, black bow tie and heels.

Police Officer: Stick 'em up! Don't fool around with our Zing-A-Gram Police Officer. She is very authentic with cop hat, gun belt, hand cuffs and dress blues. She can deliver a faux subpoena to your recipient and raise the temp.

Nurse Josephine: Snorts and giggles as our resident nerdy nurse. Nurse Josephine McGillicuddy will snort her way to the recipient. She is dressed in full nurses uniform, salt-n-pepper wig, horn-rimmed glasses and stethescope.

Nurse Roxanne: If your recipient is loud and obnoxious, Nurse Rox Awf will ZING the recipient back to health! She is saucy, loud and boisterous with tight, white nurses outfit, long blonde wig and hot pink stethescope. Her upbeat and flirty ways will liven up any recipient's heart.
Big Bad Betty the Biker: Big in attitude, but not big in size. Big Bad Betty will "whip" your recipient right into shape! Our biker chick is dressed in black leather with handcuffs, bull whips and studded collar & bracelet.

Suzy the Floozy: The 70's have returned when Suzy arrives at your party! Suzy has big, frosted wig, tiger spandex pants, large black top and long faux fur coat. Her obnoxious voice is reminiscent of "The Nanny!"

Sadie the Bag Lady: Sadie is our most popular character. Grandmotherly and spry Sadie will enter any event and create a disturbance that will have everyone in tears. She is dressed in a floral print dress with sagging balloon chest. She wears a hot pink overcoat with salt n'pepper wig and horn-rimmed glasses.

Irish Maid: "Top o' the morning to ye!" Our Irish Maid is dressed in kelly green and speaks with an Irish brogue. She will dust the recipient off from head to toe for she doesn't cook, clean or do windows. But, what she does do, she does very well! And that's sing a song, making him feel the luck o' the Irish!

Construction Worker : Our female construction worker appears in blue jeans, hard hat and tool belt. She will enter your party as if she were a real repair person to fix anything that needs fixin'!
Candice the Cosmetologist: If you're looking for beauty tips, our singing cosmetologist will make all your dreams come true! The perfect gift for those alopecia sentilis stricken men. In her own sweet way, Candi comes equipped with her portable curling iron, blow dryer and oversized plastic sheering scissors.
Flo the Waitress: "Kiss my grits!" Flo the waitress will serve your guests with some of that good, old fashioned, Southern hospitality that you saw at Mel's Diner. She appears in a pink waitress uniform, order pad and comical wit.
Sophia the Bag-a-Lady: Sophia looks like she just stepped off the boat. She appears in an all black outfit and carries a beat-up suitcase. She acts like the recipient's long-a, lost-a cousin from Italy and promises she is only going to stay a month. Surprise-a!

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