Our Male Singing Characters...

Male in Tuxedo: Classic, Classy & Fun! Our gentleman in tuxedo with top hat, white gloves and cane will add pizzazz to any occasion!

Police Officer : Stick 'em up! Don't fool around with our Zing-A-Gram Police Officer. He is very authentic with cop hat, gun belt, hand cuffs and dress blues. He can deliver a faux subpoena to your recipient and raise the temp.

Cowboy: Get your saddle and spurs ready because our singing cowboy is ready to ride the trails! He appears in cowboy hat, western bolo tie, cowboy shirt, belt & vest. Our handsome cowboy will greet, charm and serenade the recipient in the gentlemanly manner of the wild west!

Doctor: Our handsome doctor appears in either hospital scrubs or a white lab coat with shirt, tie and stethescope. Dr. Zing's prescription for the recipient will be his magnificent voice.

Pizza Delivery Guy: Did anyone order a pizza? Our pizza guy will appear in a blue and red delivery uniform with matching hat and pizza warmer. He can even deliver a real pizza as part of his performance.

Construction Worker : Appears in blue jeans, t-shirt, yellow hard hat and tool belt. Give us a scenario of why he might be at your event and he will appear to fix whatever needs fixin'.

Herman the Singing Nerd: Herman thinks that he is a true stud, but he is really a big nerd! Dressed in a houndstooth, polyester suit with high-water pants, white shirt and bow tie, he defines the word geek! He even has a pocket protector, taped glasses and spit curl.

Ze Love Bandit: Swoops into the room to steal hearts. Ze Love Bandit is a spin off of Zorro! He speaks with a French accent and is very suave. He is dressed in a black fedora hat, black cape, black mask, tux pants, ruffled shirt and red bow tie. He will serenade the recipient with a custom written "love song," for the recipient is the epidemy of perfection in his eyes!

Big Bad Bobby the Biker: "Yo, you talkin' to me?" Watch out because Bobby's got major attitude. He comes across as a toughie, but is really as soft as a kitten! He works his way to the recipient and will serenade her with a personalized song.


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